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We accept E-Checks, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your payment is not made until after you receive an email notification. You should receive the notification no later than the next business day after you submit your payment request.

If your policy is pending cancellation, we must receive your payment so that it is processed on the last business day before the final cancellation date. This means if your policy is set to cancel on a non-business day (for example, a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday), the payment must be made by Friday (or the last business day) in order for your policy to be reinstated.

Security & Delivery Fee
Make a secure payment with a Credit/Debit Card or ACH (E-Check)
$4.95 for all payments $0.00 – $165.00
Any payment over $165.00 will get charged 3% of the entire amount
All ACH (check) payments will get charged $2.95 up to $5,000.00

*Simply Easier Payments is a third-party card processing vendor that will handle your credit card and electronic check payments. By using their service, you are contracting directly with Simply Easier Payments. The transaction will be processed through SEP’s website and you will be charged a Security and Delivery fee that will be paid to Simply Easier Payments. The Security and Delivery fee is not a part of the payment you are making to Jones Insurance Services.

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