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As an employer, the law requires you to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation provides medical coverage for employees who were injured at work. This protects your business from potential lawsuits, but it’s also valuable coverage for your employees. Our insurance agents can help you find the workers’ compensation policy that meets the needs of your business and satisfies the legal requirements.



If an employee is injured at work, they can use workers’ compensation to get the medical care they need. Workers’ compensation insurance pays for visits to the doctor, medical procedures, and rehabilitation costs. It can also cover lost wages due to an injury. As the employer, you’re required to have workers’ compensation insurance for all of your employees. 


The premiums for workers’ compensation can vary based on the specific industry, the risk exposure for your employees, and the type of work they do. You can make a lump sum workers’ compensation premium payment, or you can pay a portion of the premium with every payroll.



It doesn’t matter if you have one or 100 employees. You must have workers’ compensation insurance for all of your staff members, with the exception of contractors. Even part-time employees need to be included in your workers’ compensation coverage. Workers’ comp doesn’t typically cover volunteers and unpaid staff. However, if your business relies heavily on volunteers, it may be advisable to consider workers’ comp to protect the business from potential lawsuits. 

How much it costs to cover your workforce depends on the type of industry you’re in and the specific job duties of your employees. Our team of insurance experts can help you find the best workers’ compensation insurance coverage for your business.



Workers’ comp is specifically designed to protect people from workplace injuries by providing them with adequate medical care and lost wages compensation. It could be a fall from a ladder at work, but workers’ compensation can also apply if an employee suffers from a repetitive strain injury. Here are some examples of what workers’ compensation might cover:

  • Doctor’s visits

  • Medical procedures

  • Prescriptions

  • Hospital stays 

  • Retraining costs

  • Lost wages

To receive benefits under workers’ compensation, the employee must file a claim and the employer must file a report. Medical professionals will review the claim to determine what type of treatment and benefits the employee may be entitled to. Typically, it doesn’t matter if the employee was at fault to determine eligibility.

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